Side Hustles!

Side Hustles

Side hustles are a great way to earn extra cash outside of your normal job. I’m a big believer in having multiple income streams since it’ll allow you to expedite paying off any debt you might have, and maybe allow you to quit your job at some point. Additionally, if 2020 has taught us anything is that not all jobs are secured. A side hustle can be anything from dog sitting, leveraging existing hobbies such as writing, selling arts and crafts, etc..

Before you continue reading I suggest you read the article on Increasing your salary to ensure you’re maximizing your income from your primary workplace! While I do believe in side hustles, I don’t think people should have more than one job to support their families and pay their bills.

Let’s start hustling!

The following are some ideas of various side hustles that anyone can start and that do not require much to get started. Additionally, simply by searching side hustles on YouTube, you’ll be able to find hundreds of other ideas and experiences that others have had.

1. Sell your used items (clothing, etc..) – Take some time to go over your unused clothing and/or items in your garage that realistically you won’t ever use again and are taking up space. Websites such as Poshmark,Ebay, Etsy, will allow you to sell these items and make some side money from these items that are not adding any value to your life. Ultimately what I want you to get out of this experience is that you can easily start an online store. Later you can look into dropshipping, or selling your own products.

2. Drive for Uber or do UberEats delivery – You can make some side money from driving people to the airport, bars, hotels, etc.. Do some research to see what is the most profitable time to drive and what might work for you. Additionally, food delivery services might also be an option, specially during this pandemic many people are relying on food delivery.

3. Rent your spare room with Airbnb – Many people prefer staying at AirBnb’s compared to hotels as they typically offer more flexibility and competitive rates; therefore, as a host you can take advantage of this opportunity and make some side money from that spare room that you are not utilizing.

4. Mow lawns or do handy work if needed – You can mow lawns if you need to make money, specially for those younger people. I used to mow lawns when I was 14 years old and it was a good way to make some side money. If you have other skillsets such as plumbing, drywall, etc.. you can always advertise yourself in websites such as Angie’s List, Houzz, Taskrabbit, etc. so others may find you.

5. Manage social media for local businesses (mom n pop shops, etc..) – If you are familiar with creating & running social media websites, use that knowledge to work with small businesses and help them with their online presence. For many businesses during COVID, moving online was a must as many of them would not have survived relying on physical walk-ins. This will allow customers to order online (specially food services), find more information about the business online, engage with customers, and overall help that business be more successful.

6. Teach Online (Online tutoring)– There’s a large market in China for English tutoring which may be an avenue to pursue. Websites such as Cambly, or Wyzant allow you to advertise yourself as a tutor to teach a language, or specific subject such as math. Individuals will be able to find you and work with you at a specified hourly rate. Do a bit of a research to ensure you find the right website to work through.

7. Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs allow you advertise products or services where if a user purchases any of them, you will receive a portion of the sale. I’ve used Amazon affiliate in the past when I have listed books on other blogs;however, there’s thousand other affiliate programs out there.

8. Pet sitting & Babysitting – Don’t worry I’m not comparing animals to babies, I promise! During the holidays, many families will travel and will have a need for someone to take care of their pets, this presents a good opportunity for people to make some side money by taking care of these animals.

9. Get paid for your talent online – If you have any skillset such as web programming, video & image editing, or simply if you can take advantage of other online platforms, you can consult your time. There are various websites such as Upwork that allow you to find a range of skillsets to hire, whether you are a company or individual. Upwork allows you to create a profile with your skillsets and advertise it to those looking to hire someone for particular tasks.

Here’s an idea, I typically use Canva to create my graphic designs for I don’t have to start from scratch to create professional-looking designs to post in my social media; however, this also creates an opportunity to create other things such as flyers, business cards, etc. Combining this with a website such as Upwork can allow you to create these types of design and make money while you’re at it.

10. Start a Blog, VideoBlog, etc. – If you are passionate about a specific subject then write about it, or talk about it! You landed in this site because you find value from what I have to say; therefore, if you believe you have valuable content to share with the world, then get started!

I used to have advertisement on a different blog and would make some money from Google Adsense that paid for the website. You can combine your blog with an affiliate program and make some money from that. You may focus on product reviews, film reviews, series reviews, etc..that may get you started. Once you get a decent following, you may even sell your own merchandise like Little Ryan.


Side Hustles are a must in my opinion as we should continue increasing our income streams until we are financially independent. Some of these side hustles might even replace your current job and become your full time job, and honestly that’s pretty cool. I hope you get some ideas from reading this and get inspired to think about what products, services, ideas you may have that will generate some revenue for yourself and loved ones.

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