This website will focus on helping you with your personal finance journey by providing various articles on how to get out of debt, saving for a purpose, and finally investing! The end goal is to setup an automated system that works for you, allows you to invest and grow your hard-earned money, and finally gives you the flexibility to enjoy the fruits of your labor guilt-free!

About Me:

I was born in Zacatecas Mexico, and moved to Texas at the age of 9. Just like many other people living in the U.S, my parents lived paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet; however, they were still able to achieve their version of “The American Dream” and purchased their home. They instilled the importance of getting an education and establishing a professional career for me and my sisters. My siblings and I are all first generation college graduates and we all paid for our own education; however, our parents were our biggest inspiration.

I have been through various kinds of debts from credit cards, student loans, car notes, etc.. and I realize how fast one can dig themselves into a deep state of debt. In my mid 20’s I decided to change my financial situation and educated myself in how to be better with personal finances. During this time I’ve been able to pay off my debts, save for a purpose, and have been investing.

I also had a realization that some of the most important life lessons are not taught in the classroom such as nutrition, personal finance, and mental health. I decided I wanted to educate friends, family, and anyone else reading this blog about personal finance and ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge needed to build generational wealth. I want people to have an abundance mindset, and understand that they are worthy and capable of building wealth as there’s opportunities for anyone. That was the inspiration for this blog.

Thanks for visiting this blog, I’ll leave you with some quick facts about myself:

  • I make over a 6-figure salary
  • I run a successful Cybersecurity blog called Syspanda.com since 2016, and been blogging since 2011.
  • I love to travel, and have visited more than 20 countries across 5 continents
    (Picture to the right is me in Munich, Germany drinking a warm punch)
  • Yes I still work 8-5, surprise surprise (haven’t retired early yet)

But most importantly, I still have tons to learn and I want to share all of my knowledge with you! My financial journey wasn’t the easiest and I want to ensure you learn from my mistakes! You’re here because you want to improve yourself and your loved ones so let’s get Financially independent!


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